Learn how to give advice that’s both relevant and compassionate

1. Did you listen first?

If someone you know is in the process of outlining a dilemma, mulling over how to resolve a conflict, dealing with indecision, or contemplating their personal path, resist the urge to jump in prematurely and state your opinion.

If they need your wisdom and input, you must listen carefully and…

Adults with ADHD often don’t realize they even have it.

Most adults familiar with ADHD think of rambunctious male classmates they knew in elementary school when the condition is mentioned. And while hyperactive, defiant boys can certainly meet the criteria, there are multiple manifestations of ADHD that have left many children (particularly females) overlooked in this diagnosis.

Why does it…

Amelia Walsh

Amelia is a professional freelance content writer living in Chicago. She’s an avid reader, former musician, and mom to Arwen. https://www.ameliawalsh.info/

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